Paspali: “As if I never left Olympiacos, SEF is my home”


Going back in time with what he experienced at SEF was conveyed by Zarko Paspali who was again in Greece for his match Olympiakou with the Partisan within the framework of the 4th Euroleague game.

The former player of the “red and white”, his Panathinaikouof Mars and of Panioni gave statements to the channels Novasports and spoke, among other things, about his experiences in Greece, the Yannis Ioannidis and modern basketball.

Many memories in this stadium. A year ago I found this game on Youtube and watched it. With this game it all started. The hard work with Ioannidis, everything!“, he initially said and continued:

It’s like I never left. It is my home, as is my home in Montenegro. I always feel that way. I did not expect such a reception, especially from the little ones. They shouldn’t know me and it makes sense, but here people love and are involved in basketball. And when he sees the jerseys from all these players like mine, they’d probably know my name somewhere».

In fact, he also referred to Yannis Ioannidis: “Tough, good coach with whom we had started a good effort. With his energy he put all the players in. It’s no accident what he did. We spent three years together and had many more good times than bad. Many condolences”, adding about his coaching skills:

For me he was my coach. What Ioannidis had was great energy which he tried to pass on to the players. And he always demanded 100% from everyone. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But three years we did good things with a team that started to rise. I am very happy to have been a part of it“, while he closed for basketball these days:

It’s very tough and that doesn’t mean it’s pretty either. Somewhere they have turned off the talent. Basketball has changed. Now I don’t like basketball. I’m not sure there’s as much talent now as there used to be».

Source: Sport Fm

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