The New Democracy Member of Parliament, Yiannis Kallianos, referred to the burglary that took place at his home in Voula on Thursday night, releasing a 15-minute video to the public.

In a post on Facebook in which his indignation is evident, Mr. Kallianos sent a message to the burglar that “I promise him that in a few days he will see me in front of him.”

The MP’s post on Facebook

“This is the “crude” attempt to break into our house last night at 20.40. He sat for 20 minutes in our house and at 21.00 he left. Throughout the theft of many things he had his cell phone on and talking to someone/ someone who was apparently waiting outside the house (chiliadora).
I was very impressed that she went straight to our room and from there started taking the jewelry. He may have been directed by someone who may have come to our house. Maybe not. All this will be seen in the coming days.

There are too many elements, his face is clearly visible. He made incredible mistakes and didn’t pay any attention to the cameras. But his biggest mistake is that he was constantly talking on his cell phone. The fact that he was wearing gloves and a hood does nothing to save him.

I promise him that in a few days he will see me in front of him. I have vowed to make every effort with the help of the police (who arrived within 2 minutes of my call) to see him in the cell. I congratulate the police officers who arrived immediately and helped us.

As for the one he/she was talking to, he/she will pay dearly when the police find him/her.

One more thing. My wife and our child entered my house first at about 11:00 pm and saw a bombed-out house. I was still outside. She called me and she was screaming – shaking and our child was crying. I don’t even know how I got home, I don’t even remember where I drove from.

For all that my wife and child went through, I promise that I will see them through to the end. This brat who disrespected my personal space and has been taught by his parents that it is good to steal houses will face justice.

I publicly apologize for the “style” of my writings, but today we were psychologically abused as a family and I will not leave it like that.