A memorandum to the special appellate investigator, Sotiris Bakaimis, with which they request the acceleration of the investigations while pointing out the obstruction in the summoning of specific persons involved in the case of the deadly train accident in Tempe, was submitted today by members of the Association of Victims of the Tempe Accident.

“Today, relevant sampling is being done at the scene of the crime and the area of ​​Koulouri… No defendants have yet been summoned for the case. Mr. Agorastos and his representatives should have been summoned”, said Christos Konstantinidis on behalf of the association, speaking of obstruction and cover-up of the crime of Tempi, reports larissapress.gr

According to Mr. Konstantinidis almost 8 months after the fatal crash that claimed the lives of 57 people and after the floods that hit our area “no data will be found”, with him noting that these data “should have been taken the first 10 days of the accident”.