To the president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, the minister of the interior, Niki Kerameos, responded to the former’s proposal that hospital administrators be elected by the staff.

It is recalled that with a bill of the Ministry of the Interior submitted to the Parliament, the managers of public legal entities, including nursing institutions, will be selected based on specific criteria under the supervision of ASEP.

The minister of the interior, with her post on social networks, responds to the president of SYRIZA, who, referring to the prime minister’s recent announcements about the choices of hospital administrations, spoke of deception.

In her statement to X, Mrs. Kerameos states:

“@skasselakis, who proposed that hospital administrators should be elected by the staff, i.e. be trade unionists, attacks the Government, which:

– chooses to place the selection procedure under ASEP

– increases the required qualifications (e.g. relevance of work experience/degree to the position)

– introduces for the first time in the Public digital skills test

– establishes an annual evaluation based on measurable objectives.

@syriza_gr insists on holding Greece back. We are moving forward.”