The digital database of the country’s National Register of Bridges is on track for implementation, following a Decision by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras and the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for Infrastructure, Nikos Tachiaos.

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministerial Decision approves the Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Regulation, while the Bridge Administrative Authority is established. The aim of the Ministry is to make available to the competent services the appropriate tools of an integrated system for the Registration – Inspection – Evaluation and Maintenance of the country’s bridges, over six meters in length.

In particular, the purpose of the Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Regulation is to institutionalize the procedures for the registration of existing and new bridges in the National Register of Bridges.

In this context, the rules and procedures for the inspection, evaluation and maintenance of the bridges are also established, as well as all the actions, which are directly linked to main processes, such as, among others, the organization and execution of periodic and extraordinary inspections through the national manuals for the inspection and assessment of existing bridges.

In this way, the obligations of the bodies operating and maintaining the bridges are determined and the exact methodology for recording and monitoring the condition and maintenance of all bridges in the country is determined.

Through the digital National Register of Bridges, the state and actions for the maintenance and operation of the bridges will be fully recorded and recorded by the relevant operation and maintenance agencies.

At the same time, the Bridges Administrative Authority will systematically monitor the actions for the correct implementation of the Regulation.

Based on the above, the Bridges Administrative Authority guarantees:

– The transparency and control of compliance with the institutional framework regarding the Inspection and Maintenance of all the country’s bridges,

– The statutory organization of the regulatory and supervisory role of the State

– Ensuring adherence to and compliance with all the rules and procedures defined by the Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Regulation.

Finally, it is pointed out that the National Register of Bridges will form part of the National Infrastructure Register of the country.