The three-member criminal court of Thessaloniki acquitted a mother who left her three young children alone in the car – among them 6-month-old twins – to go shopping.

Exhausting his leniency and ruling that the woman did not act with malice, the court acquitted her of the act of exposing minors to danger.

He invited her to be more careful in the future. “The bad is not long in coming. I personally would not leave my child alone for a minute” said the president of the court, addressing the woman.

According to the case file, the incident happened last year in May, on the main street of Evosmos. A passer-by spotted the three minors inside the vehicle – in addition to the twin infants, there was also their 4-year-old sister.

When I started in the car, the kids were asleep” the mother apologized, emphasizing that she did not want to wake the twins because one was restless.

I went around to leave the vehicle in a safe place where there was shade. I rolled down the window a bit to let them get some air. I meant no harmshe added and appeared regretful for her action.

I didn’t go for coffee” answered a question from the headquarters about “how lived this thriller“, noting that among other things he bought milk and diapers for the children, and when he went to a second store he lost track of time because he was late, as he said, at the checkout.