When it comes to fluffy pastries and sweets, words are unnecessary. And despite the fact that the cinnamon rolls it’s a sweet that comes from Sweden, we’ve loved it like those sweets we used to eat from grandma’s hands when we were little.

So the infamous cinnamon buns, where in Sweden they call them kanelbulleare for the Swedes a dessert that they enjoy almost every day in various versions, together with coffee in the short “fika” of the day.

There is no restriction on the filling or topping – they may be called cinnamon rolls, but you will find them with chocolate, with cream, vegan and in healthier versions! Enough with the words, in these 7 places you will find the most delicious cinnamon rolls in Athens and don’t hesitate to visit them all!

  • Dope Roasting

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At Dope you can find the most delicious and mouth-watering bakes and confections, which is why from very early on they become rapturous. Cinnamon rolls, on the other hand, are the ones that attract the biggest audience and not without reason. Whatever you choose to try will reward you, but if you want a little guidance, the cherry brioche with patisserie cream and dark chocolate and the raspberry roll are among the most delicious. The “cinnamon” is also small but miraculous, which will entice you to take a lot of it!

Fokionos Negri 49 | 77 Rodou Street, Athens

  • I cake you

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From such a list of delicious cinnamon rolls, I cake you could not be missing, a shop – a temple to sweet and salty doughs and countless sweets of all kinds. There, you will find the unique and from another planet cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting and simply… you will go crazy! Apart from these, you will find everything else that takes your fancy, since it has everything! Want a red velvet cookie cheesecake with red fruits and chocolate? You will find it there. Do you want pizza rolls with gouda or pesto rolls with chicken? And yet, you will find some of them too!

42 Themistokleous, Athens

  • Overall Croissanterie

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And if you haven’t been, you will surely have seen it featured on Instagram, since it is one of the shops with the best croissants in Athens and beyond. Luckily for us, it’s not just limited to croissants, as you can also find delicious sweet and savory rolls that are definitely worth trying!

27 Praxitelous Street, Athens | Katsoulieri 10, Chalandri | Paleon Patron Germanou 1, Aegaleo

  • ANÄNA Coffee & Food

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ANÄNA gave extra aesthetic vibes to Athens and in every visit it proves the reasons it deserves. You could say an Instagram hangout, with lots of photos and not to get off topic, with delicious cinnamon rolls that will steal your heart! Yes, its coffee is also of impeccable quality, but its pastries, brunch and snacks are unique. Plus, there you will also find very delicious vegan options!

33 Praxitelous Street, Athens


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A relatively new hangout on the Athens scene, which students will love as it is very close to the Campus. It is an ideal place for relaxed reading, for working on your laptop, or just for coffee and sweets in a minimal and modern space. And since I talked about sweets, there you can find naturally fluffy and fresh cinnamon rolls, but also brunch, snacks, coffee or wine with a refined aesthetic.

138 Papadiamantopoulou, Zografou

  • Kora Bakery

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A modern bakery as if it just came out of a Scandinavian magazine, is Kora Bakery, which makes amazing pastries and doughs that will fascinate you. The best thing is that you will find cinnamon rolls, coconut pineapple rolls, spinach rolls and in general, delicacies that will be unforgettable!

Pan. Anagnostopoulou 44, Athens

  • Mimi’s Vegan Café

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And finally, a purely vegan shop that offers sweet flavors with zest and delicious treats with plenty of color. Of course, here we should point out that you don’t have to be vegan to visit it, just as this shop emphasizes on its Instagram, that everyone without exception is welcome. So, at Mimi’s Vegan Café, you will enjoy vegan cinnamon rolls that will delight you, unique porridge, cakes and many salty snacks, fresh juices and quality coffee.

4 Argentine Republic Square, Athens