The lonely traveler Emma Maskel has visited 25 countries of the world, however, as she stated in the daily mail, there are places she would not return to. One of them is Greece and more specifically Athens. The young woman stated that the reason is that she does not feel safe in the capital.

“When I was walking down the street, I was talking on the phone with my mom and I felt that I was getting unwanted attention from men on the street, I was constantly catcalling”he stated and continued “I even saw people doing drugs on the street in broad daylight.”

Emma, ​​from Reading, Britain who had tried to be optimistic about the trip, changed hostels three times during her stay in the city.

“I thought it might be the area that was to blame for the drug addicts but also for the men yelling at me, so I tried to move to a different area but the result was the same,” she explained.

She explains that although she did not like her visit to Athens, she tried to “enhance her experience” by visiting the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, the Acropolis and the open-air market. Try it too Greek food and declared it to be “quite tasty”.

Emma, ​​who hopes to visit 30 countries before she is 30, said that despite her experience in Athens, she would love to return to other parts of Greece, especially in Paros.

With white sandy beaches and traditional villages, Emma likened Paros to the Greek island of Skopelos, made famous by Mamma Mia. “It’s much less popular than islands like Santorini and Mykonos, but it is much quieter, affordable and authentic.