The residents of Western Attica live in terror as crime turns red as soon as darkness falls. A report by SKAI reveals that citizens and workers receive daily threats even to their lives.

The picture of bus 735 running the Acharnai route and arriving at Patisiya is heartbreaking. Under the seats, between the seats, all over the bus one can find all kinds of rubbish. But it’s not just the simple trash, pills, syringes and even blood down on the floor.

In the back seats of the bus drivers and passengers face each other every day drug dealers to do their business.

This is the everyday life that the permanent residents of Menidi have to face… With no one to help them. And it is not only public transport, on most roads citizens are afraid to drive because the lighting is not sufficient.

Same image in Menidi, one lamp every 200 meters. Which means that if someone wants to pass, to leave the house, to enter the alleys, they will see complete darkness.

In Menidi, where crime is already high, the problem of electricity supply is very important.

SKAI’s journey continues in Zefyri. It is 10:30 in the evening and there are police operations in the Roma camp for weapons and drugs.

The policemen handcuff the two passengers of the car and take them to the department to verify information…

Mayor Phylis: “There is no policing in the city”

The mayor of Phylis, Christos Pappous, complains that there is no police in the city and blames the civil protection ministry for not implementing the cooperation memorandum signed in 2017.

The municipality of Fylis gave nine cars to the Greek police and two buildings. We made a memorandum of cooperation to have absolute policing in the area. Unfortunately, this memorandum is not respected. As soon as it gets dark these areas have no life.