A 35-year-old employee of a real estate agency in Skopelos was proven to be a professional fraud yesterday at the Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Volos, who was convicted of fraud and forgery as she “appropriated” the advance payment of 20,000 requested by a 55-year-old interested property buyer, without the sale ever taking place, while using an incredible trick to pretend to have returned the money to him.

The incident occurred in January 2019while in yesterday’s trial there were three defendants, the 35-year-old, the 72-year-old owner of the real estate office and also the 37-year-old ex-husband of the former, who was joint beneficiary with the woman in the bank account where the amount was deposited.

In particular, in the aforementioned period, the first two defendants worked in a real estate office in Skopelos, which was visited by a 55-year-old man from Farsala, as he was interested in buying a house on the island. The deal went ahead and the brokers asked the interested party for an advance payment of 20,000 euros, in order for the sale to take place, which the 55-year-old paid.

After some time, by him he was asked to make a second deposit of 20,000 euros again, also under the pretext of an advance payment, without the sale of the property ever taking place, which the 55-year-old credited to the account of the 35-year-old and her ex-husband.

It is noted that the 72-year-old owner of the broker returned the first 20,000 euros the company had received as an advance for the purchase and sale, when the process did not proceed, before the 55-year-old filed a complaint that he was defrauded.

The 35-year-old pretended to return the amount

But not his 35-year-old co-accused, which even pretended to return the second amount after the complaint against her. The woman credited the 55-year-old victim’s account with just 2 euros, but sent him a fake receipt by fax in which he had typed four zeros (two extra) to make it appear that he had paid the full amount of 20,000.

At the hearing of the case yesterday, the 72-year-old and the 37-year-old did not appear and were tried in absentia, while the 35-year-old was represented by a lawyer, who claimed on her behalf that she was merely an employee, placing the blame for the fraud on the owner of the brokerage.

It is worth noting, however, that, according to information, the name of the 35-year-old woman is reportedly included in other files pending for similar cases.

In the present case, all three defendants were found guilty and sentenced, the 72-year-old for fraud to one year in prison, the 35-year-old was sentenced to 24 months in prison for fraud and forgerywhile her 37-year-old ex-husband was sentenced to 5 months in prison for accepting proceeds of crime.

All sentences imposed were suspended, while the 35-year-old’s lawyer filed an appeal for the retrial of the case.