The short but extremely intense passage of bad weather “P” from Xanthi on Saturday (04/11) caused enormous destruction.

Dozens of falling trees, cars crushed by falling branches, damage to house roofs and solar water heaters, as well as material damage to the EPS stadiums, are just some of what the bad weather leaves behind.

The heavens opened just before midday, with a tornado making its appearance crossing a small part of Xanthi, however causing great destruction. In the car park outside the Lidl super market, at the eastern entrance to the city, the tornado overturned two cars, creating unprecedented images. Citizens who witnessed the incident could not believe their eyes.

A short distance away and on G. Kondyli street, on the well-known road with the plane trees of Xanthi, the tornado caused dozens of branches to fall, which fell onto the road, while miraculously there were no injuries.

Falling trees and branches are recorded in dozens of places in Xanthi, with one tree even falling on a car, causing serious material damage.