More than 1,000 ecstasy pills and a quantity of cocaine were found, among other things, in a house used for storage by two people who were arrested in areas of Thessaloniki for drug trafficking.

In particular, after coordinated actions by the police, one man was initially located in the area of ​​Thessaloniki, in whose possession a small amount of cocaine, the sum of 100 euros and a mobile phone were found and confiscated.

At the time of his detection he resisted in order to avoid arrest, however he was stopped by the police and arrested.

In another area of ​​Thessaloniki, the second man was also located and arrested, in whose possession a mobile phone and the sum of 225 euros were found and confiscated. In a subsequent search of his house in the same area, the sum of 5,000 euros, a recording machine together with the power supply and keys to the house used to store the drugs were found and confiscated.

In an investigation carried out in this particular house, in an area of ​​Thessaloniki, the following were found and seized, among others:

-2 packages of cocaine with a total weight of 78.1 grams,

-1,022 “ecstasy” drug pills,

-1 package with crystalline substance “MDMA” weighing 53.7 grams,

-1 package with crystal methamphetamine weighing 40.4 grams,

-1 package of processed cannabis weighing 28 grams,

-1 mephedrone package weighing 7.4 grams and

-1 precision electronic scale.

The police proceeded to arrest another man, who bought a quantity of mephedrone weighing 3 grams from the first arrested. A vehicle used as a means of drug trafficking was also seized.