Premier League-11th matchday: Pochettino’s derby


Premier League, 11th round!

A derby with Maurizio Pochettino as the central figure is included in the matchday on the Island, since (former) Tottenham hosts the 51-year-old coach’s Chelsea on Monday (6/11, 22:00). A special game for the Argentine coach, who will face the “spurs”, on whose bench he was from 2014 to 2019.

Today kicks off with Manchester United hosting Fulham at 14:30, while later (17:00), champions Manchester City host Bournemouth and Europa League group rivals AEK are at home to Everton. At 19:30 there is the great duel between Newcastle and Arsenal.

In detail, the program of the 11th matchday:

Saturday 4/11

Fulham-Manchester United (14:30)

Everton-Brighton (17:00)

Manchester City-Bournemouth (17:00)

Burnley-Crystal Palace (17:00)

Redford-West Ham (17:00)

Sheffield United-Wolves (17:00)

Newcastle-Arsenal (19:30)

Sunday 5/11

Nottingham Forest-Aston Villa (16:00)

Luton-Liverpool (18:30)

Monday 6/11

Tottenham-Chelsea (22:00)

Next matchday (12th)

Saturday (11/11)

Wolves-Tottenham (14:30)

Arsenal-Burnley (17:00)

Crystal Palace-Everton (17:00)

Manchester United-Luton (17:00)

Bournemouth-Newcastle (19:30)

Sunday (12/11)

Aston Villa-Fulham (16:00)

Brighton-Sheffield United (16:00)

Liverpool-Bradford (16:00)

West Ham-Nottingham Forest (16:00)

Chelsea-Manchester City (18:30)

Source: Sport Fm

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