A person was sentenced to 22 months in prison, with a 3-year suspension, by the Three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki for occupying “Terra Incognita”, on Taskou Papageorgiou Street (near the Governor’s Office), which had been vacated following a police operation, in August 2020.

The same court acquitted ten people accused of the same case.

No one was found at the site of the occupation and all were charged based on fingerprints found on various objects inside the building, owned by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The only person convicted was found guilty of forgery, possession of a firearm and breaching the flare law. He did not appear in court, as he is serving a sentence in Larissa prisons for an explosion. With his statement to the court, through his lawyer, he accepted the acts for which he was found guilty, among them the forgery of a policeman’s identity card.

The rest in their apologies denied the acts emphasizing that they participated in the occupation either as a political group or as employees of the printing press operating at the site.