The appeal to stop the war and release the abductees in Gauzeaddressed the archbishop of Athens and all Greece Hieronymos, during his meeting, this morning, with professors of the University of Religions and Doctrines of Iran.

Her predecessor Greek Church, in more detail, pointed out that “we will certainly be asked today by our people what we discussed. We must emphasize, in addition to the scientific positions, four more points: stop the war and start a dialogue. The abductees should be released immediately, as we do not know where they are and in what condition they are. And of course, from all sides, children and the civilian population should not be used as front runners. And finally, the mission of all of us, in addition to scientific research, must also be the persistence to mediate for the peace of all people, regardless of religion.”

Earlier, His Holiness welcomed the delegation of professors and referred to the important history of Iran. In fact, he underlined the possibility of scientific cooperation and emphasized that this activity cannot be confined to books and research. “Seeing the needs of the world today, our mission is how we can make these theological positions tools for people and help society,” he underlined.

The rector of the university, for his part, thanked the archbishop for the meeting and spoke about how important its history is Greece. He stated, in fact, that he has highlighted great scientists in all areas, with parallel reference to ancient philosophers and modern medical scientists. Then, he spoke about Christianity and the interaction that exists between Muslims and Orthodox Christians and noted that there is great respect for Orthodox Christians. He then spoke about the situation in Gaza and underlined that it is one of the sufferings of today’s world.

Finally, he presented the university, the teaching courses and the research carried out there, noting that the solution to everything is dialogue.