The good atmosphere did not last even twenty-four hours after the meeting of the presidents of SYRIZA and PASOK-KINALsince the statement of Mr. Kasselakis earlier on Tuesday morning, that he did not attend the honorary event for Kostas Simitis because “he has no business with those who wasted billions of the Greek people” dynamizes the atmosphere. After the government representative who had urged Mr. Kasselakis to read a story about the who put the country in debt, the press representative of PASOK, Thanasis Glavinas accuses the president of SYRIZA of promoting vulgar populism against PASOK and “proves that Mr. Polakis is his mentor”.

In particular, Mr. Glavinas states:Mr. Kasselakis seems to have not only not settled down ideologically at the age of 24, but also ignores the country’s recent history.

The offer of the former Prime Minister and President of PASOK, Kostas Simitis, is recognized, even by his sworn ideological opponents. The former Prime Minister starred in the major infrastructure projects, which changed the image of the country, promoted deep reforms in the welfare state, succeeded in the accession of Cyprus to the EU. and strengthened the rule of law and institutional counterweights with the establishment of the independent authorities, which of late the SYRIZA President pretends to defend.

Repeating the vulgar populism against PASOK, Mr. Kasselakis proves that Mr. Polakis is his mentor.”