The 30-year-old gymnast accused of harassing his students at a school in Aspropyrgos was released with restrictive conditions, by the decision of the investigator.

The case is at the stage of investigation by both the Justice and the Police, while information indicates that the physical education teacher has also presented a paper in which he appears to have disability and that he could not do what he is accused of.

There had been previous complaints from parents that he harassed, in some cases sexually, their children. Reports were made for some of his phrases, for some touches, witness statements were taken from Security police officers and this is how the arrest was made.

The accused allegedly denies what is attributed to him, attributing the complaints against him to the desire of parents to expel him from the school

After the case was made public, the Ministry of Education ordered a sworn administrative examination (SOR) for the case. It is clarified that he is an associate professor and that he has already been relieved of his duties.

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