The scenario of the exercise of the 6th EMAK in Achaia, which involved the injury of a climber, was successfully carried out.

After a landslide and rock fall at the Mavra Mountains location in the area of ​​Kalogria in the municipality of western Achaia, there is an injured climber who is hanging on the ropes at a height of about 30 meters from the ground.

The 6th EMAK is immediately notified, which goes to the area with the specially trained mountain search and rescue team, which approaches the injured person to give him first aid and transport him to a safe place.

The injured person also informs the team that has approached him that there is a second person at the scene who does not know where he is.

The KOED team is immediately notified with the specially trained search and rescue dog to search for the second person, while at the same time a second mountain search and rescue team is launched which heads to the area.

The rescue dog manages to locate the second person who is injured in the limbs and head after a fall and alerts the second climbing team to approach and transport the injured person, as he is in a difficult place.

The team reaches the injured person after a fall, offers him first aid and lifts him up to take him to a safer place using the inclined method and to be picked up by the ambulance, as the stretcher is impossible to move from another place because after the path that could be transported has been blocked by falling rocks.

Finally, the first group with two climbers approached the injured, took him on their side and brought him down to a safe place where he was placed on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.