Luis Diaz’s father was released after 12 days!


Luis Diaz’s father was finally taken hostage! For 12 days, the Liverpool footballer’s father had been kidnapped by the criminal organization “ELN” on his way Barakas and was kept all this time. In fact, initially his mother was also a victim of kidnapping Zeusbut she was soon released.

So in recent days, the police director, General William Salamanca, ordered a search operation involving nearly 230 police men and more than 120 army commandos, many of whom came from operations in the south of the country. Likewise, intelligence analysts and even agent dogs that are experts at tracking people.

The kidnapping happened when Don Luis and his wife stopped to buy watermelons, with the assailants pouncing on them and abducting them.

According to what emerges, the perpetrators were holding Luis Diaz’s father in the jungle of Perijawhich complicated the investigation and kept the country in suspense for two long weeks.

The kidnappers knew the identity of the victim, they had studied his routine, they knew what time he left his house and what time he returned, which places he visited and which friends he often saw. They agreed that the day of the abduction should be before the regional elections since all police forces would be deployed to guarantee the security of the elections.

With the police on the heels of the perpetrators and the cordon…tightening dangerously around them, the “ELN” decided to release his father Luis Dias. Wanting to somehow cover their tracks and escape capture.

Source: Sport Fm

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