A total fine of 619,512 euros to three companies selling school supplies imposed by the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, after the completion of the relevant controls of the Inter-Service Market Control Unit (DIMEA).

The fines concern the violation of the legislation on unfair profiteering.

Specifically, the companies that were fined are the following:

  • “GIOVAS S.A. – Anonymous Commercial Technical & Tourism Company”, 253,650 euros
  • “GRAFFITI SA”, 74,912 euros

The Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, said:

“Our government and the Ministry of Development have a completely clear position in dealing with accuracy and the phenomena of unfair profiteering: no one is above the law. Controls continue with particular intensity, especially with regard to consumer products with a special social character, such as school supplies. Our goal, as well as that of the entire society, is to mitigate the consequences of imported inflation and to effectively deal with the phenomena of profiteering. Our effort is unceasing».

Fines were collected which were imposed on the two multinationals

The fines of 2 million euros imposed on the two multinationals have been collected, as noted by Mr. Skrekas speaking last night on the ANT1 television station.

The minister reiterated that Greece is the only country that imposes fines for profiteering and noted that 19,557 checks have been carried out in the last period, 1,521 fines have been imposed, and 70% of the fines imposed have been confirmed or collected, which, in total, amount to almost 5 million euros.

The minister underlined that checks are continuous in the market on thousands of codes and repeated that accuracy is not a Greek phenomenon.

He also noted that in addition to the household basket and the permanent price reduction that has now reached 660 products from 53 companies, there will also be new actions and he referred indicatively to the facilitation of producers to sell their products in popular markets.

In addition, the minister noted that many products today in supermarkets are a product in promotion “this is a bargain” he emphasized and added “they are planning a reform so that the prices are consistently low”.