They were arrested on Friday (10/11) at noon by police officers of the Amarousi Security Department.four 15 year olds, accused – as the case may be – of bodily harm, simple complicity in bodily harm and breach of personal data legislation, while the case file also includes two 15-year-olds.

A complaint was filed according to which a student of the Lyceum of Amarousiou on the morning of November 9 was repeatedly spat on and punched by a former classmate.

The incidents were also attended by classmates of the victim, who were filming with their mobile phones, while one of them encouraged the perpetrator to continue the beatings.

Following relevant information from the school director’s police officers, 4 of the participants in the incident (the one who incited and 3 who recorded with their mobile phones) came to the Amarousi Security Department, where, after being recognized by the victim, they were arrested.

The Juvenile Prosecutor was informed about this, while the case file will be submitted competently.