In the context of World Wine Tourism Day the Minister of Rural Development and Food Lefteris Avgenakis visited a Winery in Skalani, which is part of the “Wine Roads” program and belongs to the “Boutari” group.

With the managers of the business, Giannis and Nikos Konstandakis, he discussed issues related to wine tourism, but also the art of winemaking.

On the occasion of World Wine Tourism Day, the Ministry of AAT, Lefteris Avgenakis, stated the following:

“World Wine Tourism Day comes to remind us of the eternally special importance of wine as a national product and its inseparable connection with our homeland. The reminder of the verse by Odysseus Elytis that “if you disintegrate Greece, in the end you will see that you are left with a vine, an olive tree and a boat…”, shows in the most illustrative way the importance of wine for our country from ancient times until today.

Wine tourism is part of the alternative forms of the tourism industry, which have as their purpose, on the one hand, the lengthening of the tourist season and the strengthening of the effort to escape from the classic three-four months of “sun and sea” and, on the other hand, the better utilization of the local resources of a area and strengthening the local economy.

There are approximately 700 wineries operating in Greece, of which approximately 100 are licensed wineries to visit.

YPAAT places special emphasis on the promotion of wine tourism, supporting businesses in the sector through the Leader programs. At the same time, it also strengthens Greek wine production through the Sectoral Vine Wine Program of the new CAP, which aims to increase the competitiveness of wine farms, the establishment of grape varieties with increased commercial interest, the introduction of modern cultivation techniques and the preservation and protection of the environment.

To actively support a wine tourism destination, there must be supporting activities, linked either to the product, or to the local culinary tradition, or to the local culture. Because it must be understood that wine tourism without the active contribution of local communities cannot thrive.

Wine tourism can attract investment and create new jobs, while at the same time it can be the tool that will make our country a popular destination throughout the year.”