Holy Burger burger holds street party with jazz and chefs’ meeting


Bruno Cavalcanti

Located in the city center, the Holy Burger burger restaurant celebrates its first decade in business with a party on Rua Cunha Horta, next to Dr. Cesário Mota Júnior, where it has been based since 2014, on Saturday, 18th, between 12pm and 6pm . Entry is free and the public only pays for what they consume

Holy Burger burger, which celebrates 10 years in 2023 – Helena Peixoto/FolhaPress.

The program will feature the participation of the groups A Banda que Nunca se Viu, O Jazz não Morde and Sapo Banjo, who play jazz classics. The event also features a meeting of ten chefs, including host Fih Fernandes, from Holy Burger, former Master Chef Ravi Leite, from Hi Pokee, Thiago Benedetti, from Smart Burger, Ligia Karazawa, among others. The prices of the dishes vary between R$30 and R$49.

The burger restaurant will also add new features to the menu. Snack options include the Deli Deli (R$56), consisting of a 200g burger, cheddar cheese, house-made pastrami, pickles and dill mayonnaise on brioche, accompanied by fries, and the Korean (R$72), made from a 180g burger, toasted sesame mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, jeyuk bokkeum and nirá kimchi on brioche. For starters, the new addition is Pastrame Fries (R$60), fries, sour cream, shredded pastrami, Sriracha mayonnaise, paprika and egg yolk.

Finally, Holy Burger hosts an exhibition of contemporary artists during the month of November that includes a charity auction, the proceeds of which will go to Instituto Sonhe, which has been welcoming children and teenagers in vulnerable situations in Cracolândia for 12 years.

Holy Burger 10 Years

  • When 11/18/2023
  • Where r. Cunha Horta, s/n, Vila Buarque, central region
  • Price Free

Source: Folha

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