A series of issues from the start of the trial last January until today were raised by the defense attorney of Roulas Pispirigou in exemption request against the president of the MOD.

Mr. Kougias includes in the request that he read to the court a series of reasons, such as the rejection of requests for the examination or re-examination of witnesses and others, which he stated “create suspicions of distrust for the impartiality of Mrs. President.

Raising the tone, the defense attorney focused the exemption request on the president’s refusal to give him time to examine specific witnesses “the most critical to the case and the way they framed Pispirigou” whom he said “among 7 billion people is the sole defendant for ketamine poisoning”.

In fact, the lawyer clearly irritated said to the president: “Is it possible for the lawyer to tell you I want to do treatment and ask for the witness to come back the next day and you answer “we’re done”, in a way, dare I say unethical… We stopped for four days when you had covid and we didn’t stop because of the lawyer’s cancer?”

According to Mr. Kouya, the long-term process under the responsibility of the president did not correct serious shortcomings of the investigation and did not provide scientific answers both on ketamine and on other issues. “In the literature there is only one case of ketamine poisoning involving a doctor who for a year tried to kill his wife in order to marry another woman, but ultimately failed.”

As the defense attorney said, “instead of the president taking care to resolve the issues of the incomplete case file and while she deprived me of essential witnesses, she spent a disproportionate amount of time examining nurses who were asking if the accused was calm. That is, if being cool or not creates evidence of guilt. He was asking them if Georgina’s fate was expected! The nurses! He didn’t let me take the test either, I only asked him five questions, this inexplicable Raiko (Nikos Raikos, professor who signs the toxicology test). Did she not want to trouble him to come from Thessaloniki again? If it is possible”.

Also referring to the rejection of a number of requests for specific examinations, the lawyer said: “It is unprecedented for fair and reasonable requests to be issued with summary procedures, unanimous decisions,” implying that the president may have been influencing members.

Alexis Kougias also referred to the sense of justice, saying that it is everyone’s duty to render justice: “And I tell you: let the accused lady go to hell… Has the sense of justice disappeared? In other words, to satisfy the former minister of justice who appeared on television. To satisfy the morning diners (…) It is a scandal that the lady is accused in prison with this charge”.

Earlier there was tension between the president of the MOD and the advocate, due to Mr. Kouya’s statement that he wants additional time to write the application for exemption against the presiding procedure.

After a 20-minute break given by the court, Mr. Kougias stated that he is not ready to file the application and asked for more time.

Chairman: We gave you the time, when you prepare her to testify, for the defendant’s apology to begin.

Kugias: I forbid her to answer any of your questions. He’s not apologizing, he’s applying for your exemption. Will he apologize while the president is being questioned?

Chairman: Since you did not submit a request. You will submit.

Kugias: The accused will not apologize. I am her God as her advocate, now and she will do whatever I tell her. I want time.

Chairman: What are you her God?

Kugias: I control her consciousness within the judicial process.

Chairman: Why didn’t you have her ready?

Kugias: Because I’m a bad lawyer!

The court has adjourned so that the prosecutor can prepare her proposal on the exception.