Drivers aged 20-30 they were the ones who showed the highest percentage of accidents in 2022 with a percentage of 19.3%, followed by drivers aged 30-40 with a percentage of 13.4%.

On the contrary, 70-80 year old drivers are particularly careful while driving and their participation in accidents is limited to 9.2%.

The 40-50 year olds, as well as those 50-60 years old, are involved in accidents by 11.5%, to drop the rate to 10.8% among drivers aged 60-70.

Finally, the rates for drivers aged 80 and over are low with a rate of 10.6%.

These data belong to the insurance company Hellas Direct, which analyzed the accidents it was asked to deal with in 2022.

Making a comparison with 2021, he found that while in that particular year young drivers aged 20 to 30 were involved in an accident with small cars with a total length of 3.7m – 4.1m, in 2022 there was a reversal and drivers belonging to the ages of 20-30 they were involved in accidents with large cars over 4.7 meters at a rate of 25%, while 16.6% of the accidents of drivers aged 30-40 were with cars over 4.7 meters.

The oldest drivers, aged over 65, in 2022 the data showed that car size did not play a role.

Cars involved in an accident for 20-30 year olds are 11-15 years old (23.9% rate), while the percentage of drivers for 30-40 year old drivers is 14.8%.

Young drivers aged 20-30 are involved in an accident with a parked car at a rate of 37%, while the second most frequent cause of an accident for young people is a collision with a vehicle in front due to failure to keep a safe distance at a rate of 24.2%.

Almost the same is the case with the 30-40 year olds, who are involved in an accident with a parked car at a rate of 37.4%, followed by a collision due to not keeping a safe distance at a rate of 22.6%.

It is worth noting that for the over 60s, accidents with parked cars are the first cause, while the second cause of an accident is reversing or reversing.