Today, Friday, the accounts of 33,088 farmers in Thessaly are credited with compensation for the crop production destroyed by the Daniel disaster, totaling 110 million euros.

According to the prices announced by the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis, on the TV station SKAI, the following payments will be made per product/per acre:

  • Cotton: 140 euros
  • Maize: 125 euros
  • Industrial tomato: 500 euros for P.E. Larisa
  • Alfalfa – Clover hay: 100 euros for the loss of two cuts – 70 euros for the loss of one cut
  • Apples: 500 euros

In the other tree or non-tree crops, the prices will be determined in the following days.

At the same time, the Minister of Rural Development and Food stated that after the publication of the Official Gazette for the return of the Special Consumption Tax for agricultural oil, 297,428 producers will be paid about 76 million euros.

In addition, the responsible minister pointed out that on November 8, the following amounts had been paid for livestock to 2,035 livestock farmers:

  • Cattle: 800 euros per animal
  • Horses: 700 euros per animal
  • Halflings: 400 euros per animal
  • Terms: 200 euros per animal
  • Goats: 125 euros per animal
  • Sheep: 150 euros per animal
  • Honeymoon: 75 euros per swarm
  • Rabbits: 15 per animal

In total, advances of 16,528,449 euros were given

He also reminded that through State Aid, 20,620,000 euros have been given to 9,868 agricultural and livestock holdings.

As far as Fisheries are concerned, state aid of minor importance (de minimis), 1.4 million euros, has been granted to fishermen of Magnesia, Larissa and Skiathos.

Also from the Agricultural Reserve of 2023 (15.8 million euros) compensations are paid to producers, whose products are not insured by the ELGA Regulation.

It concerns:

  • pigs, poultry, rabbits,
  • aromatic, floricultural and greenhouse crops.

Finally, he noted that the compensation prices that apply to flood victims in Thessaly will also apply to fire victims in Evros.