The prosecutor’s proposal is rejected to the request of the defense of the 52-year-old Larissai to lift the temporary detention and to replace it with conditions that would be determined by the judicial authorities.

Last week, the 52-year-old was again brought before the Investigator who is investigating the case, with his defense – with a multi-page memorandum – explaining the reasons why he submitted a request for release from prison.

The proposal of the Criminal Prosecutor of Larisa, based – according to information from the “Eleftheria” newspaper – also on the forensic report describing the beatings of the 44-year-old wife, is rejected, but the fate of the 52-year-old’s request will be decided definitively by the Order that the Investigator is expected to issue in the coming days.

The 52-year-old has been temporarily detained since the beginning of last August, as in one of the rare cases of domestic violence at the local level, he was prosecuted for attempted murder with intent, but also for threatening his partner, as a follow-up. The violence of the attack that the 44-year-old received from her 52-year-old husband was noted in the forensic report, as the blows, among other things, caused “alteration of facial features”.

As is known, the 52-year-old man, at 4 a.m. on August 3, 2023, hit his 44-year-old wife, causing her severe injuries, according to the forensics, as a result the mother of two minor children remains hospitalized for days at the Larissa General Hospital.

During his apology, the 52-year-old defendant had admitted his actions, declaring, however, that he “did not have homicidal intent”, attributing his reaction to “soul boiling”. Explanations that were not believed, as a result of which he was deemed a temporary prisoner and with his defense to submit the request to lift the detention and replace it with (restrictive) conditions that would be determined by the judicial authorities.

However, the multiple blows received by the 44-year-old (s.s. are described in detail in the forensic report), the number of blows, their intensity and their repetition “which prove homicidal intent” seem to have been taken into account by the Criminal Prosecutor of Larisa, the which rejected the 52-year-old’s request.

It is recalled that the forensic report describes in detail the “multiplicity” of grievous bodily harm that the 44-year-old suffered in the head, chest and abdomen, placing her in the category of “multiple injuries”, noting, in fact, that “long-term recovery” will be required to restore the injuries she suffered.

The case file also includes the report of EL.AS. about the state the couple’s house was in after the beating.