Is it hot in SP? Discover 15 places to drink sangria and cool off


Nathalia Durval

The capital of São Paulo is experiencing a heat wave and, this Saturday (18), the temperature is expected to maintain an average of 37ºC.

Hot weather calls for lots of water, juices and cold drinks. An alcoholic option is sangria, a typical Spanish recipe prepared with red wine, pieces of fruit and ice. See below restaurants and bars that offer the original recipe and variations.

Sangria served at Casa Porteña restaurant

Sangria served at Casa Porteña restaurant – Elvis Fernandes/Disclosure

Santiago Winery

The Iberian cuisine restaurant, which has an extensive wine list, offers jugs of sangria in two sizes, for R$66 and R$132.
R. Sampaio Vidal, 1,072, Jd. Paulistano, western region, @adegasantiago

Juarez Bar

In the traditional bar, the pitcher of sangria is offered in medium size, for R$62.90, and large, for R$104.90.
Av. Engenheiro Caetano Álvares, 5,824, Santana, northern region, @bardojuarez


The pizzeria makes sangria with citrus fruits, green grape juice and Cointreau (R$35 per glass; R$110 per pitcher).
R. Sergipe, 406, Higienópolis, central region, @brazpizzaria

Cala del Tanit

At Spanish chef Oscar Bosch’s new restaurant, sangria and clericot (version made with white wine) can be ordered by the jar, for R$160.
R. Pais de Araújo, 147, Itaim Bibi, western region, @caladeltanit

Casa Porteña

Specializing in Argentine barbecue, it prepares a sangria with red wine, triple sec, rum, sugar, club soda and pieces of melon, orange and apple (R$34 per glass; R$148 per pitcher)
Mooca Plaza Shopping – r. Captain Pacheco e Chaves, 313, Mooca, eastern region, @casaportena


To accompany the Neapolitan pizzas, the restaurant has a jug of sangria on the menu (R$95) that combines red wine, sparkling water, orange liqueur and pieces of apple, green apple and pineapple.
R. Luis Góis, 1,625, Mirandópolis, south region, @gattofigapizzabar


The bar serves sangria (R$110 per pitcher) with red wine, brandy, Cointreau, soda and fruit. Another option includes white wine, rum, Cointreau, soda and fruit.
R. Barão de Tatuí, 361, Santa Cecília, central region, @gum.sp


The house sangria contains preserved fruit, red wine and soda. The cup costs R$38.
R. Borges de Figueiredo, 82, Mooca, eastern region, @hospedariasp

Les Deux Magots

The São Paulo branch of the French restaurant prepares a pitcher of sangria (R$ 180) that contains red wine, sparkling wine, Luxardo liqueur and pieces of cranberry, strawberry, orange and blackberry.
R. Colombia, 84, Jardim Paulista, western region, @lesdeuxmagotsbrasil

Conde’s Grocery Store

Prepare a version of sangria with sparkling wine, tangerine juice and fruit. A jar costs R$101 to R$145.
R. Joaquim Antunes, 217, Jd. Paulistano, western region, @merceariadoconde

Paellas Pepe

Serves sangria in a glass (R$29) and one-liter (R$65) or 1.5l (R$89) jugs. It contains red wine, fruit marinated in sparkling wine and lemon soda.
R. Bom Pastor, 1,660, Ipiranga, southern region, @paellaspepe

Mango tree

With outdoor tables, the restaurant serves a pitcher of sangria for four people (R$109).
R. Arapiraca, 152, Vila Madalena, western region, @pedemanga

Sancho Bar and Tapas

The Spanish restaurant and bar on Rua Augusta offers three sangria options, made with red, white and cava wines, served in a half-liter jug ​​(R$47) and a liter (R$77).
R. Augusta, 1,415, Consolação, central region, @sanchobarytapas


The healthy restaurant prepares sangria with red wine, sparkling water, orange liqueur and pieces of pineapple, grapes and strawberries. A glass costs R$39 and a pitcher costs R$125.
R. Gabrielle D’anunnzio, 1,334, Campo Belo, southern region,

Virô Bistro

To share, the one-liter jug ​​(R$104) is made with red wine, orange liqueur, green apple, orange, star fruit, kiwi and strawberry.
R. Haddock Lobo, 74, Cerqueira, western region, @virobistro

Source: Folha

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