By Antonis Anzoletou

Why Stefanos Kasselakis spoke to ANT1 for apostasy? What “burns” the leadership is the possibility of creating a parliamentary group from the “6+6” side with the help of Euclid Tsakalotos and Petis Perkas. “Umbrella” awaits the “Ahtsioglu team” to meet outside SYRIZA which is already left with 45 MPs. Possible removal of at least another 10 will significantly reduce the party’s strength reaching almost the levels of PASOK (32). In this case, nothing will remind us that SYRIZA is the official opposition since already in the last measurement carried out by Opinion Poll on behalf of ACTION 24, it came in third place.

All lights are on at tomorrow’s meeting of the “6+6” group. A large online discussion of about 1,000 members of Koumoundourou who supported Efi Ahtsioglou in the internal party elections. There has been a lot of fermentation in the last few hours and “white smoke” in relation to the final decisions has not come out. Those who demand an immediate withdrawal from the party are restrained by the cooler ones who prefer to wait for the next Central Committee meeting at the beginning of December as a solution. What binds them not to be idle is the very tough text they had submitted to the Central Committee last weekend. It was highly critical of the new leadership and Stefanos Kasselakis. Even if there is no mass departure, this will be for a while, internal party opposition figures estimate. The “glass has broken” and does not stick to SYRIZA again, while the party’s youth are also being activated.

The different “souls” that exist within the party were also seen from the course of the Polytechnic. Efi Ahtsioglou and Alexis Haritsis participated in the 50th anniversary with the bloc of the Network – Progressive Left Students. The two MPs together with members of “6+6” were not present at the party’s official block where Stefanos Kasselakis also participated from Hautia on Stadiou Street. The president was too short on the course. A separate group was formed by the members of “Umbrella” who have already left Koumoundourou.

Last week the departures were massive by prefectural committees throughout Greece. SYRIZA is “vacating” its left wing and it is not only “Umbrella” officials who are leaving. After Stelios Kouloglou, the Eurogroup is counting another loss, that of Petros Kokkalis, who is expected to create the “Green Left” party in a short period of time. The official opposition is in decline and Alexis Tsipras tried to reverse this situation with his interventions which cannot be overcome simply.