Excavator crews in Evia were faced with yet another gruesome find on Friday, when during the works they came across a human skeleton buried under cement.

In particular, one more human skeleton was found in the center of Istiaia, during the works of the urban sewage network, a short distance from where the other five were recently found.

According to the website evima.gr, the fact that they are intact under the cement of the city, destroys the possibility that they belong to a recent burial and it is estimated that they belong to earlier times.

It is currently unclear whether these skeletons are an archaeological find or the remains of those who died in a late historical period – such as from the time of World War II or even later.

According to the Mayor of Istiaea-Edipsos, Yiannis Kontzias, these are skeletons that were found at the site without any traces of their burial, i.e. of any specific ritual, and for this very reason it cannot be determined who they belong to.

Certainly, he estimates, that these are deceased before the liberation from the Turkish yoke, since then a road was created in this particular area.

The most likely scenario based on the depth at which they were found is that they are related to the Ottoman Period and possibly people who died before the revolution of 1821.

At the same time, at least so far, it does not appear that they are related to any burial, despite the fact that, based on historical data, there was an Ottoman cemetery in the area.