The start from today and until November 27 of the process exceptionally application for transfer-transfer of HEI students announced the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports with its relevant announcement.

Applications only concern particularly serious and documented exceptional cases, which are fully substantiated by relevant documents.

It is specifically mentioned in the relevant announcement: “The Ministry of Education, Religion & Sports informs interested students that applications for exceptional transfer/transfer, for particularly serious and documented exceptional cases, in accordance with the provisions of Article 79 of Law 4692/ 2020 (Government Gazette 111 A) and the ministerial decision numbered 148236/Z1/30-10-2020 (B΄ 4806), are submitted from Monday November 20, 2023 until Monday November 27, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

Applications with the supporting documents documenting the cited reasons for the grant of transfer/transfer as an exception are submitted by students exclusively electronically to the special application (with the exception of transfers) or through corresponding hyperlink on the central website of the Ministry of Education, Religion & Sports, using the credentials (username and password) assigned to them to connect to Academic Services, which use the Identification and Authorization Infrastructure of EDYTE (eg Academic Identity, Eudoxos, etc.)

In the special application of exceptionally transfers are available the user instructions regarding the process of submitting the online application and the relevant supporting documents documenting particularly serious and exceptional cases».