A driver of the OASTH was beaten up by young people on a bus line 72, for an observation according to an announcement by the Administration and the Employees Union of the Organization.
As pointed out in a relevant announcement by the Organization, the incident took place on Saturday night (18/11) on bus line 72, in the area of ​​Nea Michaniona, when, shortly before midnight, two youths punched the driver, with the latter ending up in the emergency room of the on-call hospital.

In addition, as the reason for the attack against the employee of the Organization is known, the appeal he addressed to a group of about 20 young people, who were disturbing the rest of the bus passengers with their behavior, was stopped. The driver asked them to lower their voices and then he was attacked.

The OASTH condemns the incident

“The Organization of Urban Transport of Thessaloniki does not tolerate violent behavior against its employees and stands by them, providing moral and legal support, so that legal procedures can be followed against the perpetrators. The President and CEO of OATH, Costas Tangiris, contacted the leader of the Organization, expressing his undivided support and stating that OATH is by his side,” the OATH announcement emphasizes.

“The OASTH Workers’ Union will not remain a spectator”
For its part, the OASTH Workers’ Union also condemns the incident, calling for the exercise of every prescribed legal remedy, as well as mobilisations.

The Board of Directors of S.E.O.A.S.TH. condemns the unprovoked attack suffered by a fellow driver, working on line 72, on Saturday night. Our colleague, while working, was attacked by young men who punched him ferociously.

So instead of completing the route safely and returning home, he ended up in the hospital emergency room!

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that our colleague was confronted with aggressive passenger behavior. Workers at OASTH are often the recipients of verbal and, sometimes, physical attacks.

Insults and acts of violence against workers, who must calmly operate public transport routes, safely serving the passenger public, are unacceptable and condemned not only by us, but by the whole of society.

The OASTH Employees’ Union will not remain a spectator in the face of this type of behavior. We stand with the colleague who was punched on Saturday night, we stand with every colleague who is faced with aggressive behaviour.

We will exercise every legal remedy that is foreseen and, at the same time, we reserve the right to carry out mobilisations”.