I don’t think there are clouds over SYRIZA-PS, said Stefanos Kasselakis while answering citizens’ questions live on Sto Kokkino radio station and on Eugenia Lupaki’s show, “Allegro Ma Me Tropo”, stating that many think there are clouds with what is said in the Media at the same time that in the base of the party as in the wider progressive world there is a great hope.

At the same time, the president of SYRIZA-PS sent a message to the dissidents, Efi Ahtsioglou and the 6+6 group saying characteristically: “No one has the right to play with the patience and anxiety of the people of SYRIZA-PS”.

Stefanos Kasselakis expressed his certainty that SYRIZA – PS will be the government in 4 years, while at another point he mentioned that “no one will finish SYRIZA”.

As he said, the party “must respond to society, we must inspire to ground the party in society.”

In a question he received about the disagreements and departures of its executives Umbrella, Stefanos Kasselakis pointed out that “whatever I had to say to the Central Committee I said. A small group gave way to insults against the whole party. I extended a hand of friendship. I respect the party a lot because I chose it, Alexis Tsipras honored me with my participation in the State ballot. I invited Mrs. Ahtsioglou to my office in the Parliament and offered her any position she wanted”, underlined the president of SYRIZA-PS.

Asked about him Pavlos PolakisStefanos Kasselakis noted that “it was not useful, what he said did not help” about Anagnostopoulou Co.