The institution of Black Friday, in which participating stores display very tempting offers on selected products for a limited number of days, is viewed by many consumers as a shopping opportunity.

THE Union of Consumer Workers of Greece of GSEE advises consumers to be extremely careful and not be tempted by apparently impressive offers. Especially this year, as it states in its announcement, with the precision of burdening family budgets to the greatest extent, the prioritization of needs and the Market Research are becoming more necessary than ever.

The association proposes the observance of five rules which, in its view, ensure that consumers do not fall prey to “offers”:

1. To do Market Research and control not only the price (original and new) but also the quality of the products. They should also search the internet for the price of the product they are going to choose by code or model number, so they can be sure that the price they have found is the best.

2. To delimit them Needs them and to plan with a list the purchases they are going to make, which will go in line with their personal or family budget avoiding reckless spending

3. To be informed about the details and the terms of the transaction them when they buy installment products. Especially for credit card purchases, always be informed of the terms and conditions of the particular purchase. In particular, they should investigate whether and to what extent interest is imposed on this market, since, in this case, the cost of the purchase increases rapidly.

4. Products must carry the original price and the offer price (not the discount percentage). Caution! The offers often state that they do not take place changesso if you regret it, you can’t change it

5. Always ask for her evidence for the products they have purchased. In case the product is defective and they want to return or exchange it, proof is necessary.

He also notes: “It would be good for everyone to know that the consumer frenzy where me marketing techniques create major trade factors (Black Friday, opening shops on Sundays, white nights, etc.) results in subconsciously exerting psychological pressure on the consumerwho feels he “must” take advantage of the deals by rushing to the shops.

In today’s context of explosive precision in essential goods, the consumer must make his purchases with prudence and caution.”