“I’m not a phenomenon, I’m an ordinary person” said Stefanos Kasselakis in the discussion of the presentation of the book by Xenophon Kontiadis entitled “the Kasselaki phenomenon – the messianic face of post-democracy”.

He added: “There is a big debate in the world, it’s very strange and awkward to talk about a book with my question mark face. I walk, I talk, I’m not afraid of conversation or even swearing, I’m not afraid of it, I have nothing to hide.”

Regarding the basic assumption of the book that it is a symptom of post-democracy or that it recommends unmediated communication with the world, he answered: “I have not said that the party organs should be abolished, I said that they should be accountable to the base. The fact that I was actually elected shows that something was not working right in the party, people wanted something different. In this sense I express not post-democracy but post-representative democracy”.

For the “accusation” that he used social media, he answered that “social media provides transparency that can backfire.” He noted that “I receive a merciless attack every day, I have not harmed anyone. Why so much negativity in my face?”, to add “because the system is cracked. I don’t come from the system, the ‘system doesn’t have me’. We are on the right side of history.” About the accusations of “tramping” replied that “Trump, like Mitsotakis with the visit to the Evros fence, are causing far-right feelings. When you go to the Evros fence, that’s the bad version of metapolitics. This is what motivated me to go into politics instead of going back to America. When I decided to run for president, I thought I would win, because there was a gap in the content of the policy being practiced.” For his critics he noted that “never before have they spoken so woodenly in politics, they have become trees themselves”, to add that he insists “on transparency and meritocracy. This, for me, is the content of post-democracy. The members who voted for me want authenticity, they feel betrayed by the party pipes.”

For his harsh speech at the Central Committee meeting he said: “I don’t feel I was myself, but I won’t let anyone finish SYRIZA.”


To the writer’s remark that he “gained from the instant members” he replied that “members are not instantaneous, this elitism in politics must end. I introduced myself with complete transparency to the public, people understand what they see, they understand when they see something authentic and real. I won the popular districts cleanly, it was the well-to-do suburbs where we were tied.”

He reiterated that he will not betray the common people and noted, in response to questions that “SYRIZA will not collapse and liquidate, on the contrary, the members gain strength, we must have confidence in the world and its possibilities.” As for the path to the elections, he promised that “we will have a program with proposals for laws that will be clear for the Greek people. We want to make your life better with humility and transparency. The world out there is not having a good time, we have to offer to the world that is hurting. That’s the compass for me.”