“Today, we honor the Armed Forces of the country, expressing our gratitude for their contribution. Day and night, every moment and in every speck of land, sea and air of the homeland. Their dedication to duty, professionalism and discipline make all Greek women and men proud” the Prime Minister said in his post Kyriakos Mitsotakisfor Armed Forces Day.

“November 21 is a day of celebration for the women and men who wear the coat of arms on their chests and a day of remembrance for those who sacrificed themselves while serving it. That is why respect for the State is now turning into practical support, so that the blue shield of national defense becomes more and more powerful,” he adds.

Also, the prime minister, after wishing progress and strength to all our officers, notes that in a period of international turmoil and with a bloody crisis in our neighborhood, the Armed Forces emerge not only as a guarantor of the country’s independence and sovereignty, but also pillar of peace and stability throughout the Southeast Mediterranean.