The 23-year-old Syrian who was arrested last night for attempted rapes in the area of ​​Exarchia was only arrested again in August 2022 for the attempted rape of a 76-year-old woman in Alimos.

The man was remanded in prison in Grevena, however, he was not brought to trial in time, with the result that the maximum limit of 12 months of pre-trial detention was exceeded and he was released. He was released from prison on August 11, 2023 and just 3.5 months later he was arrested again accused of attempted rape in Exarchia.

According to information brought to the attention of “K”, the young Syrian had approached a 76-year-old Ukrainian woman on August 10, 2022, as she was leaving the Alimos beach. He attacked her at a bus stop, where he pushed her to the ground and tried to rape her.

The woman had called for help, as a result of which passers-by rushed to the scene and removed the assailant from her, who was finally arrested by police officers from the DIAS team.

A few days later, the young Syrian man was remanded in custody and taken to Grevena prison accused of attempted rape. However, the 12 months of pre-trial detention were completed without trial and with the will of the Athens Appeals Council, on July 12, 2023, it was decided to release him from prison with the restrictive condition that he reside in the accommodation structure of Malakasa and present himself three times a month to the A.T. of his place of residence.

Between November 16 and 20, 2023, he allegedly committed four rape attempts in Exarchia, one against a minor.