A 75-year-old woman from Larissa fell victim to fraud when fraudsters convinced her through a telephone conversation to go to the bank to withdraw cash because her daughter was allegedly hospitalized with serious injuries.

As reported by onlarissa.gr, the scammer called the woman on Thursday morning and introduced himself as a doctor and stressing that her daughter must be operated immediately, she demanded a sum of money greater than 30,000 euros.

In the meantime, as is known from similar scams, an associate of the fraudster pretends to be the daughter of the prospective victim, who sobs begs for help, asking her “mother” to do everything in order to be operated on and “saved”.

Indeed, the 75-year-old went to a central bank branch and proceeded to withdraw 12,000 euros and together with the 1,000 euros she had in her house, she handed over the sum of 13,000 euros to an unknown woman.

In fact, the fraudsters told her to go to the hospitals of Larissa in order to find out that her daughter is “injured”.

The fraud was reported to the Larissa Security Directorate, which is investigating the case.