Digea, consistent with the purposes of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program “The Heroes of Digea”, which focuses on children, visited schools and hospitality structures in the Prefecture of Evros, where it offered electronic and useful items for the educational institutions and structures , as well as personal gifts for each child.

The Managing Director Mr. Nikos Mastorakis and company executives visited the single-seat Kindergartens and Primary Schools of Roussa, Sidirochorio and Megalo Derio of the Municipality of Soufli, the 1st Primary School of Didymoteicho, the Special Kindergarten, the Special Primary School, the EEEEK and the ENEEGYL of Municipality of Orestiada, the Special Kindergarten, the Special Primary School, the ENEEGYL and the EEEEK of Alexandroupolis as well as the SOS Children’s Villages of Alexandroupolis.

The children, parents and teachers embraced the action with a warm welcome, with songs and dance, with handicrafts and paintings that they gave to the Digea team and with thanks for the offer of the items, but above all for the physical presence, the interest and the smiles they spread on children’s faces.

The action was supported by the presence and active participation of the representatives of the local authorities.

In the context of the action, the CEO of the company, Mr. Nikos Mastorakis, said: “The “Heroes of Digea” program was created in 2018, in order to embrace and practically support the most sensitive part of our society, children with special needs.

We visited as a matter of priority the Evros region that suffered particularly in the summer with the fires, giving the message to more than 460 children, their teachers and their families, that they are not alone, society is close and supports them. We have visited many parts of Greece but the warmth, hospitality and enthusiasm of the children, teachers and parents we met in Evros was a unique experience.

It is really a very beautiful and very welcoming place».

The “Heroes of Digea” corporate social responsibility program continues its journey in 2024, with visits to other regions of Greece, offering support to children and local communities.

About Digea

Digea was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing and developing the terrestrial digital television network, undertaking the task of the country’s digital transition to the digital age and the information and relevant guidance of television viewers.

Since 2014, it has received from the National Telecommunications and Posts Commission (ETT) the license of the network provider for the broadcast in a digital signal of the television program of the private channels of national and regional scope and is responsible for the broadcast of the signal of stations, without the possibility of interfering with their content.

With state-of-the-art technical equipment, specialized human resources and an excellent logistical infrastructure, it provides viewers with a high-quality digital signal in image and sound.

The company’s vision is to maximize the television experience, enabling viewers to explore the world of terrestrial, free-to-air, digital television.

More information is available on the website www.digea.gr

Media information: Ioanna Koliadou, Commercial and Communications Director, 210 6838719, [email protected]