The activity of a criminal group of people who allegedly they were committing fraud under the pretext of entering into a love affair. The police proceeded to identification of 9 accused, while their accomplices are being sought.

How did they act?

In particular, according to ELAS, from the conducted preliminary investigation it emerged that the defendants, at least from October 2021, organized with the purpose of committing fraud, as through a social networking platform and presenting themselves as doctors working in international organizations, they approached people with whom they contracted romance through texting.

Then, the defendants pretending that, either they are particularly financially strong people with a high social background and bank accounts to which they do not have direct access due to a commitment by the country in which they are held, or that they wish to retire early and are required to pay contributions, they persuaded the victims to pay partial sums of money up to 35,000 euros at a time, in order to deal with their alleged problem.

As it became known from the Police, from the collection of the collected pre-investigative material, it emerged that the sums were deposited in parts in Greek bank accounts where the defendants are the beneficiaries, while the total amount obtained by the members of the criminal group from the victims exceeds the amount of 200,000 euros.

The file will be submitted to the competent Prosecutor while the investigation to ascertain the extent of the criminal activity continues.