The weather conditions are difficult in the sea area south and southeast of Lesvos, where today – the third day since the shipwreck of the ship “Raptor” – the search for the rescue of 12 missing sailors continues.

Southerly winds have already started blowing in the area, which in the next few hours are expected to strengthen and develop into gale force windswhich will complicate the work of the rescue teams operating both on the island’s coasts and from the sea.

Watch video – document: The moment of the sinking of the Raptor in the North Aegean

They are participating in the ongoing investigations three Coast Guard vessels Body, one Navy ship as well as a ship of his NATO. Early in the morning, one of its helicopters participated in the search Frontex.

The only saved from the wreck Egyptian a 40-year-old sailor, remains in Mytilini hospital and is in very good health.

A representative of the insurance company that covered the ship, makes sure that when the rescued person is discharged, he returns to his country while the same thing happens with the body of the 30-year-old sailor who drowned so that it can be handed over to his relatives also in Egypt.