“They wanted to save their lives. They thought it was more important to leave than to help Emma.” The above aversion belongs to the mother of the deceased and was said during her testimony before the Three-Member Criminal Appeal Court of Thessaloniki.
After a delay in settling procedural matters concerning the lawyers’ abstention, the trial started today for the fatal abduction and abandonment of the young student from Crete, in the early hours of November 22, 2023, on Egnatia Street, at the height of Kamara.

The 28-year-old driver I.X. is accused of the case. car, who is a temporary prisoner in the prisons while, the 29-year-old (then) passenger was released voluntarily.

The mother blamed both occupants of the vehicle for leaving the victim helpless.

“We were in Chania. The child had left and I waited awake until he arrived on the plane to Thessaloniki. He was late calling me. The flight was delayed. He said “I’ll pick you up later”. I had the phone on silent. Around 2 a.m. my sister came and said that the child had an accident. We booked the first available plane to come to Thessaloniki. During the flight I got a call from the hospital to inform us that they have to do a series of operations. Emma was going to a friend and fellow student’s house because she wanted to give her a present for her birthday. He had bought her a present,” said her mother.

Emmanuela was generally a careful child. Take care of herself. He walked all day. She passed by a shop, bought candles and a cake for her friend. She crossed Egnatia to go to her friend’s house. Witnesses said he was hit by a car that lost control and was running at high speed, heading from the universities to Kamara. They could hear a terrifying noise approaching. After hitting the child he fell onto bins and parked vehicles. To be able to leave he reversed and stepped on her again.

There was a passenger who saw it all.

He wanted to do formula 1. The car was “teased”. When he hit the kid a second time, he disappeared. The driver disappeared until Autoforo passed.
The co-driver went home, got dressed, painted and went to work as if nothing happened.

She was then arrested at work. He did nothing to help our child. They wanted to save their lives. They thought it more important to leave than to help Emma.”

Furthermore, the mother pointed out the following:

“I have another daughter who told me: “You lost a daughter. I lost my future.” They made plans together. This man (the accused) was holding a deadly weapon in his hands. He shouldn’t have been in Greece. He was illegal. I don’t know the education the co-driver had from her family. These people didn’t just kill one person. They killed a daughter, a sister,. granddaughter, a friend, a fellow student. They have killed and destroyed many lives.”