A burglary occurred shortly after midnight (Thursday to Friday 24/11) at Vassiliou Confectionery in Chalkida, Evia.

In the video document obtained by eviathema.gr, it shows the perpetrator approaching the store, at 00:22 for the first time where he tries to break the glass of the entrance.

He tries for a few seconds but fails and leaves, while at 00:23 he returns and makes a second attempt. With more force he hits the window, knocks it down and after entering the store he jumps on the counter and grabs the cash register, which had some money, along with the POS machine.

Then he leaves in an unknown direction. As soon as the owner became aware of the incident, he immediately notified the police, where he located the POS a few meters away from the store.

Police officers from the Chalkida Security Department were at the scene and proceeded to collect evidence to identify the wanted perpetrator.

Watch frame by frame how the perpetrator entered the store: