A wonderful red and purple sky was seen at dawn by the residents of Drama and Seres as the Northern Lights made its appearance again in Northern Greece.

Those who were lucky and were awake captured the moments that lasted a few minutes.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, today there was a strong geomagnetic storm on Earth causing the Northern Lights to become visible across Europe and the United States.

The phenomenon had made its appearance at the beginning of November in our country, painting the sky red in Northern Greece

How the Northern Lights are created

The National Observatory of Athens had spoken extensively about the phenomenon, after its appearance on November 5 in the country.

When high-energy electrons, spiraling along geomagnetic field lines, sometimes approach Earth’s upper atmosphere, they collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms and molecules and excite them energetically, creating the aurora.

The excited atoms and molecules, in order to return to the original, stable state of energy balance, emit the excess energy in the form of visible radiation, explains the National Observatory of Athens.

Its red color in this particular case is created by the “collision” of excited atomic oxygen with electrons of the Earth’s magnetosphere. His form can be likened to moving, brilliant, colored heavenly curtains of light.

The intensity of a magnetic storm is described by the geomagnetic index Dst, which expresses the change in the Earth’s magnetic field, as measured on the ground. Yesterday’s value fell to -165 nT, which characterizes a strong magnetic storm.