Without exception, all the costs of hospitalization and recovery for all those injured in the tragic accident in Tempi are fully covered by the EOPYY in public or private structures both in the country and abroad, underlines in an article in APE – BPE the director of the organization Th. Karpodini .

Mrs. Karpodini adds that the injured are exempt from any participation and charges for the purchase and supply of medicines or preparations and in case they have paid participation for medicines, or any other expense, the possibility of compensation is provided by presenting the corresponding documents to the EOPYY.

According to the data he cites of the 126 injured, 2 were hospitalized abroad, 71 underwent diagnostic tests, 13 patients turned to the Regional Directorates for reimbursement of expenses, such as visits to psychiatrists, orthopedists, plastic surgeons and 16 were reimbursed for medical equipment.

Finally, Mrs. Karpodini explains in which ways the injured can continue to address their issues to EOPYY and concludes by emphasizing: “Every day we support the needs of our fellow citizens. We are by their side. It’s our mission.”

Eight Questions and Answers on Relief for the Injured in the Tempe Train Crash

With 8 questions and answers, the EOPYY makes it easier for those injured in the Tempe train accident to look for the free benefits they are entitled to.

From the answers to the questions that follow, the Organization directs all interested parties to the benefits they are entitled to and to the actions required to receive these benefits.

Here are the questions with the answers:

1. What specifically does the provision of law 5039/2023 regarding the Injured of Tempe state?

According to article 62 of Law 5039, the Organization fully covers hospitalization and rehabilitation costs. Materials and Services, in all Public and Private Sector structures. It also covers the costs of moving to rehabilitation structures abroad.

2. By what procedure can I receive these benefits and what are these benefits?

The process is carried out in the following ways and the benefits are all with zero participation:

A) Through electronic prescription. The benefits are diagnostic tests, medical technology materials, orthopedic items (splints, guardians, wheelchairs, etc.), respiratory items and physical therapies.

B) Through registration and electronic prescription in the National Burn Registry (for burn victims) made by the attending physician. Gels, patches, regenerating creams, sunscreens are provided.

C) Through individual requests to the Organization’s Regional Offices for those benefits that are not prescribed electronically. Non-prescription products such as gauze, bedadine, pulvo etc. are provided, as well as non-prescription Services such as psychotherapies, speech therapies, medical visits to specialist doctors required to treat the specific patients, hospitalizations/rehabilitation abroad.

3. Where do I submit individual requests and what are the necessary supporting documents?

In the Regional Offices of the Organization ( with the patient’s place of residence can be submitted to the corresponding PEDI.

In case there is difficulty in finding the competent Directorate, they can contact the telephone numbers given in the Press Release from 4/11/2023 (210 6971707-708 & 709). The necessary supporting documents are a medical opinion, receipt / purchase invoice, discharge.

4. How to submit the individual request to PE.DI. EOPYY?

The insured can either visit the competent PE.DI EOPYY or by e-mail to the competent local PEDI. In the case of difficulty finding the email, they can be sent to the Administration email [email protected].

5. Is there a co-pay for medications?

There is no participation. Accident victims are exempt from any participation and charges for the purchase and supply of medicines or preparations.

6. In case of co-payment for medicines, is there a possibility of reimbursement?

Yes, by presenting a copy of the prescription and the tax document (receipt or invoice) to the competent Regional Directorate of the EOPYY.

7. If I encounter a problem, who can I contact?

For any problem or clarification, it is possible to contact the Administration office at 210 6971707-708 & 709 or at the email [email protected]

8. If I have a problem with a health care provider, who can I contact?

For any problem or clarification regarding the compensation, the provider can contact the Administration office at 210 6971707-708 & 709 or at the email [email protected]