In the arrest of a 90-year-old man the police authorities of Amaliada proceeded, following a complaint by a 16-year-old girl that she was sexually harassed by him while she was in the area of ​​Amaliada and was walking carelessly on the street, in the main street of the city.
According to information, the 90-year-old allegedly initially approached the 16-year-old girl, starting a “conversation” with her, with the girl not immediately realizing what would follow. So, after the elderly man approached her a little later he took her by the hand making immoral suggestions towards herwhich surprised the unsuspecting minor student.

The 16-year-old in shock and scared by the behavior of the satirical adult, moved away from the place where the 90-year-old stopped her and immediately informed her parents, telling them everything had happened a few minutes earlier.

On the other hand, the girl’s parents, baffled by what they heard from their child, notified the Amaliada Police and reported the incident.

Police officers from the Security Department of the area searched for the man and located him a short time later where they proceeded to arrest him, while yesterday the 90-year-old was brought to the Public Prosecutor’s Office with the Automatic procedure.