On Wednesday, December 13, the Ministry of Development plans to launch the “Christmas basket”, which will contain chocolates, bun, turkey, pork, beef, while under discussion are melomakaroni, kourabiedes, lamb and goat.

This noticeand the general secretary of Trade and Consumer Protection, Sotiris Anagnostopoulosspeaking today to ERT and noted that the official announcements will be made within the week.

The thinking about curambies and gingerbread, he noted, is that “bakeries and pastry shops are usually better sources for these types of products and often fetch much better prices than a supermarket.”

“Where I would like to draw attention to the specific sweets, that is to say, the melomakaroni and kourabiedes – he continued -, is that because there are many different qualities and many different stores, consumers should do careful market research if they do not want to have a loss of income, in the sense that I might buy something much more expensive than I would normally buy it. So a good market research is needed, especially for those who need more. There are sweets for all tastes, likewise in supermarkets.”