To take out their tractors on December 13 at the Platykampos interchange the farmers unanimously decided on Thursday at a meeting of the United Federation of Agricultural Associations of Larissa and the Committee of Larissa Flood Affected Farmers in Nice.

“​The statements of the Prime Minister in the Parliament, the report of the Dutch experts, the daily situation of abandonment that we experience in the flooded fields, the mere 600 million euros provided by the 2024 Budget for the flood-affected and fire-prone areas, show that only with the organized struggle we can put pressure on us and create conditions for the satisfaction of our requests” is emphasized in their announcement.

The announcement in detail

“​With the massive participation of flood-affected farmers from the villages of Larissa, the meeting was held in Nice, which shows the anxiety for tomorrow, the size of the problem but also the fighting spirit that exists so that all together, united and determined to impose solutions and satisfaction of the just demands of survival that we have.

​At the meeting, an update was given on the current developments in the exacerbated problems created by the catastrophic floods in Thessaly. It was emphasized that 3 months after the floods little has been done and the Government’s promises have been kept and there is a long delay in the announcement of specific support measures, the timetable and the works required for the restoration of the damages and the drainage of the flooded fields in the former Lake Karla , for compensation and replacement of income.

​The statements of the Prime Minister in the Parliament, the report of the Dutch experts, the daily situation of abandonment that we experience in the flooded fields, the mere 600 million euros provided by the 2024 Budget for the flood-affected and fire-prone areas, show that only with our organized struggle we can push and create conditions for the satisfaction of our demands.

A fruitful and meaningful dialogue took place and it became clear from all the speeches of the farmers at the meeting that the competitive assertion of our demands is the only way. We showed patience and goodwill which was exhausted after 3 months of waiting.

​The unanimous decision of the meeting is the mobilization with tractors at Platykambos Junction on Wednesday, December 13!

​At the same time, we request a meeting with the Government Echelon consisting of the Ministers of Finance, Rural Development, Infrastructure and Civil Protection from which we expect specific answers to our requests and a timetable for their implementation.

​We call for support and solidarity, in a joint struggle, the social groups are mobilizing during this time and all the bodies of the Prefecture.

Colleagues, affected farmers, breeders, beekeepers, we participate massively and dynamically in the mobilization. It is a time of responsibility for everyone and no one is spared!

With our unity and unrelenting struggle we will succeed as the entire experience of the agricultural movement shows. We have no other way until solutions are given by claiming:

• Immediate timetable and the corresponding projects, such as the opening of a new tunnel for the implementation of the drainage of the areas of the former Lake Karla towards the Aegean. There should be planning by the state in the villages that have been flooded and in those that are at risk because the winter is ahead, measures for the residence and living of those who have been forced to leave them. Farmers who farmed in these areas should be fully compensated for as long as it takes for the fields to become productive again.
• To take all the necessary financial relief measures for the residents of the affected areas, by granting emergency aid to each family. Immediate payment schedule of compensations at 100% in real value in production and not in the insured price in ELGA, capital, equipment and stored productions without taking into account the age of the machines.
• It is the responsibility of the state mechanism to immediately repair the damage to dams, embankments, streams that have suffered terrible damage from the floods. Substantial projects, dams, embankments, whatever else the modern know-how has to offer for the anti-flood protection of the region and all of Thessaly.
• To exempt those affected from ENFIA, VAT, OGA, GOEB, municipal fees, to freeze debts to the state – banks without surcharges. To freeze all debts for as long as the affected are unable to pay them. Write off interest and bold capital cuts in bank loans. Suspension of payment and reduction of PPC’s rural electricity bills.
• To give the linked aids without any condition, limit or ceiling on the delivery of the production, with the only criterion being the IACS declaration. Especially for breeders and beekeepers, all the statements of those affected about the losses in animals and bee colonies should be accepted.
• There should be an exception for Thessaly from the implementation of the new CAP for at least one year.
• To immediately mobilize all the available means and personnel of the state services to remove the large quantities of accumulated materials and to proceed with the necessary actions for the restoration of the areas of arable land that suffered erosion, siltation, and soil removal. Ensure access to all agricultural lands and repair the TOEB irrigation network immediately.

For products based on production costs and the loss of income from this year’s production, we claim from the Government:

➢ Cotton – Maize €300/hectare
➢ Industrial Tomato 1000€/hectare
➢ Alfalfa 200€/acre
➢ Vines €600/acre
➢ Almonds €800/hectare
➢ Peanuts €2000/hectare
➢ Walnuts – Pomegranates €1000/acre
➢ Sheep and goats €300 for replacement of livestock with productive animals and €500 for the loss of this year’s production in drowned herds.
➢ There should be immediate 100% compensation for the plant capital in the tree crops that have been affected by the floods this year and for the following years.

It is obvious without the need for an autopsy that the trees have been damaged after being in water for 3 months.”