Ana Maria Braga denounces virtual scam that uses her image and voice: ‘it’s a lie’


Ana Maria Braga alerted viewers of Mais Você this Wednesday (6) to a video circulating on social media, in which she supposedly recommends a product that would bring the “youth formula”. The presenter explained that the clip is fake and was created by artificial intelligence.

“They imitate my voice, they take images of me, of my friends,” she said. “They even use my voice because of artificial intelligence, so a lot of people fall for it. And that’s why the scam exists, because they sell it,” she explained.

The presenter also said that she does not encourage the purchase of “miracle” products: “I do not sell aesthetic or beauty products, which make wrinkles disappear, which make you lose weight, which make fat disappear overnight, miracle tea, medicine for beautiful skin… That’s no use, that doesn’t exist!”

In the video, the voice that imitates Ana Maria’s says that the “12 miracle drops” saved her from retirement from Globo: “I even asked to retire from Globo, but the production team wouldn’t let me and they told me to take this collagen.” She says that after 5 months of treatment, she presents the program without wrinkles.

The presenter said that she is taking the necessary legal measures: “We will go after it with a lawyer, we will go after the person, the company responsible.” She also warned viewers not to buy the product: “It’s a lie, don’t buy it! Don’t throw your money away.”

Source: Folha

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