The post of the father of the twin girls is shocking who were killed along with their cousin in the train collision at Tempe.

Yesterday, on his name day, the father of the twins, Nikos Plakias, uploaded a photo together with his daughters and his niece on Facebook.

The twin sisters Thomai and Chrysa Plakia and their first cousin Anastasia Plakia were in the first carriage, because there were no seats in the 5th carriage for which they had bought tickets. From the first wagon, everyone was killed, except for Gerasimos, the student who is still fighting for his life.

Check out his post:

“Instead of happy birthday, put three ornaments on your tree for my girls, two of the same for the twins and a different one for Anastasia, because they loved seeing lights, trees and the festive atmosphere of Christmas so much (…) Happy Holidays before you go to bed, give your children a caress as if it were the last because I didn’t have time either”, writes Mr. Plakias, among other things